Jessica Patterson

Law & Consulting

Perth, Western Australian

JPLC believes that the liquor, tourism, hospitality and event industries contribute enormously to the economy, community and culture in WA.

JPLC believes in long-term relationships with clients.

JPLC believes in the innovation, creativity and development occurring in the liquor and related industries and the potential for more.  JPLC is keen to assist with growth and change.




Liquor licensing

Liquor law

Liquor consultant

Liquor Commission hearings



Profit sharing arrangements

Purchasing or selling licensed businesses

Profit sharing arrangements



Purchasing or selling licensed businesses

Property and leasing for precinct developments and licensed premises

Noise issues


Employment & Risk Management

Harm minimisation and responsible service of alcohol

Risk management for licensed premises and public events

Disciplinary matters



Hotel and bar management

Hospitality and tourism

Hotel and bar management


Events & Clubs

Sporting club issues

Incorporated associations

Public events applications and planning



Jessica Patterson – Legal Practice Director

Jessica has been working with the liquor and related industries in Western Australia since 1998.  She has extensive knowledge, experience and relationships throughout those industries across the State and she operates to high standards and with an enviable success rate. 


Jessica has handled a significant number of projects of varying types and sizes involving hotels, breweries, wineries, restaurants, theatres, taverns, liquor stores, nightclubs, supermarkets, wholesalers, caterers, sporting facilities, small bars, public events, cinemas, tourist facilities, entertainment venues, mixed-use precincts, clubs and many more.


JPLC represents a wide variety of businesses operating around Western Australia, ranging from small family operations through to large companies and offering flexible cost and scope options.

About Jessica

Jessica provides a range of legal and consultancy services to a variety of businesses in the liquor, hospitality, tourism and events industries throughout the whole of Western Australia.

Jessica is involved in assisting her clients to set up, operate and manage bars, nightclubs, liquor stores, hotels, taverns, clubs, restaurants, wineries, breweries, sporting facilities, music venues, concert halls, tourist sites, public events and many other related types of businesses.

Jessica is a senior lawyer and consultant with over 22 years of specialist experience.

She provides professional and practical advice and assistance. She deals with all aspects of operating a licensed business and has experience as a trainer in liquor licensing courses and responsible service of alcohol training for licensees, staff and managers.

Jessica acts on both contentious and non-contentious matters.

Jessica has a very broad range of clients, from small family-based country businesses through to large public companies.

Jessica advises and assists landlords and land developers associated with licensed premises and hospitality precincts as well as other businesses operating in the liquor, hospitality, tourism and event industries.

Jessica assisted in establishing the Small Bar Association of WA Inc and the Perth International Jazz Festival Inc and was a member of the management committee of each for several years. She has held and continues to hold positions on management committees of a range of non-profit organisations.